The Living Church Lives!

In this episode, Fr. Jonathan talks with Dr. Christopher Wells, the Editor of The Living Church, about how the magazine continues to tackle big ideas and speak to both the Church and the culture.

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About Fr. Jonathan

Your average traditional crunchy Christ follower with a penchant for pop culture, politics, and puns.
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3 Responses to The Living Church Lives!

  1. Thank you, Fr Jonathan! Keep up the good work.

  2. Jay M. says:

    Coming from a background in very low-church evangelicalism, I stumbled onto the Anglican tradition a little more than three years ago. For over two years I wrestled with whether or not to enter The Episcopal Church, being distressed over much of the turmoil going on within it as well as the fear that an evangelical like myself would perhaps eventually be run out. About a year ago I sat down with the rector of the Episcopal Church in Wichita, KS where I had been attending a spoken Eucharist on Saturday nights for several months. I laid out my struggle and my concerns. The rector – Fr. Andrew – was deeply helpful and one of the very best things he did that evening was tell me about The Living Church and encourage me to read it. I found a copy and then subscribed. I immediately loved TLC because it was theologically thoughtful, it avoided the acrimonious tenor which I heard among so many of the factions fighting within TEC, and it convinced me that there were far more intelligent conservative voices within TEC than I had thought. Right around the same time I also stumbled (I don’t even remember how, probably some Anglican-related topic search) onto Fr. Jonathan’s blog, which has been a source of tremendous help, stimulation and encouragement to me. Due in no small part to my reading of TLC and this blog, I finally decided this past spring to enter the Episcopal Church and am looking forward to being confirmed after the coming new year. Thank you Fr. Jonathan for the ministry of this blog and for this video highlighting the wonderful publication that is The Living Church.

    • Fr. Jonathan says:


      What a marvelous journey you’ve had. Thank you for sharing it here. I’m very glad that both the Conciliar Anglican and the Living Church could be a part of your path into Anglicanism. May God bless you as you prepare for Confirmation!

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