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From the Church, to You, With Love

“The Church is a whore, but she’s my mother.” – Saint Augustine Dear John, I got the letters that you sent me. At first, I wasn’t sure that I would respond, because it seemed like you really just needed some … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: Are Anglicans Schismatics?

Richard writes: What would you say to the charge that the Anglican Church was born originally only out of Henry VIII’s desire to secure a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, and his decision to break from Rome was not over … Continue reading

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You Can Confess to an Anglican Priest – But Don’t Take My Word For It

Fr. George Conger has stirred up a hornet’s nest today with his latest article for Get Religion. As with all Get Religion articles, Conger’s central purpose is not to write theology but to take stock of the way that journalists … Continue reading

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Biblical Catholicism: Reading the Bible with Catholic Eyes

One of my literature professors when I was an undergrad once dramatically suggested that the lyrics of the Rolling Stones should inform how we read Chaucer. Even in my post-modernist, granola, college artiste haze, I found that suggestion to be … Continue reading

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The Measure of Successful Ministry

Modern American life is built upon the twin pillars of productivity and consumption. We are all consumers and producers. In our role as consumers, we make decisions all day long about what we want to consume, and how much, and in what … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: Baptismal Regeneration

Kevin writes: As I understand you, we receive saving faith at our baptism when we are regenerated by God’s grace. This all fits together nicely in the case of infant baptism, but could you clarify what Anglicanism teaches about adult … Continue reading

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Blessed Lent

As we enter into Lent once again, I am continuing the practice I began last year of limiting my use of the internet throughout the season. Therefore, there will be no new posts from me until after Easter. But many … Continue reading

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The Anglican Digest

These interviews were conducted at the annual board meeting of Hillspeak, the organization that puts out the Anglican Digest, back in October, 2013. It is a great privilege for me to be a part of the Board. It is also … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: What’s in a Name?

That’s what Juliet asked in Shakespeare’s famous love story gone wrong. And in our own love story gone wrong, the modern Church, it is a question that gets asked fairly often as well. Thus, Matty writes: With all the different … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: An Evangelical, a Baptist, and a Charismatic Walk Into a Bar…

Two semi related questions from Jesse. Here’s the first: What do you mean when you say that evangelicals and charismatics have brought Baptist ideas into Anglicanism?  In terms of the general tone of the movements at times I can see … Continue reading

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