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Finding the One True Authority

I woke to a very interesting article in my feed this morning by an Eastern Orthodox Christian named Mark Meador. It is long, but it is well worth the read, and I applaud Mr. Meador for it. Meador is trying … Continue reading

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Jesus Wants You to Eat Him

As someone who likes to eat–and someone who has developed stomach problems over the years which limit what I can eat–I find it fascinating the way in which both the fall of man and our salvation are wrapped up in eating. Mysterious … Continue reading

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There is No Such Thing as Protestantism

Death is still segregated in American society. You may be surrounded by diversity in your school or your workplace, but when you die, you stick with your own. There are black and white funeral homes, Jewish funeral homes, Irish and … Continue reading

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If I Were the Next Presiding Bishop

Several of you have asked what I would do if I got elected the next Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in 2015. Since I was not shy about what I would do if I became Archbishop of Canterbury, I … Continue reading

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We Need an Evangelical Wake-Up Call

Evangelical is a cultural buzzword in America today. For many people, the term implies a certain kind of politics. It also implies a whole range of socio-cultural phenomena from home schooling to Christian rock concerts and everything in between. None … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: Sunday School and Praying with our Kids

Jill writes: What are the best prayers for my children to say? My daughter is 2 years old, and my son is 5 months old.  My daughter says “Amen” and “Jesus,” and I want to show her the right direction. … Continue reading

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Biblical Catholicism: Battling Newman’s Ghost

Last week, I had the privilege of visiting Nashotah House Seminary for the first time. While there, I was told that there is a coffeehouse on campus that has an old Anglo-Catholic joke worked into its menu. If you want to order … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Philip Turner

The Rev. Dr. Philip Turner is a well known theologian and ethicist whose books include “Sex, Money, and Power” and “The Crisis in Moral Teaching in the Episcopal Church.” He is the former dean of Berkeley Divinity School at Yale … Continue reading

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From the Church, to You, With Love

“The Church is a whore, but she’s my mother.” – Saint Augustine Dear John, I got the letters that you sent me. At first, I wasn’t sure that I would respond, because it seemed like you really just needed some … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: Are Anglicans Schismatics?

Richard writes: What would you say to the charge that the Anglican Church was born originally only out of Henry VIII’s desire to secure a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, and his decision to break from Rome was not over … Continue reading

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