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Blessed Lent

As we enter into Lent once again, I am continuing the practice I began last year of limiting my use of the internet throughout the season. Therefore, there will be no new posts from me until after Easter. But many … Continue reading

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Evolving Words and the Word of God

Among the many podcasts I listen to is the Slate program Lexicon Valley which is kind of a pop exploration of all things language related, think Radio Lab but with words instead of science. A recent episode discussed the way in which words evolve … Continue reading

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How to Stand for Classical Anglicanism in the Midst of Anglican Pluralism

It is very difficult to speak of Anglicanism these days without a modifier. There is no longer Anglicanism but rather Anglicanisms. Catholic Anglicanism, Evangelical Anglicanism, Liberal Anglicanism, Charismatic Anglicanism, Calvinist Anglicanism, even Lutheran Anglicanism. And within each of those groups, there are … Continue reading

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Where We Start and Where We Finish

Whether systematic or not, all theologies rely on a set of underlying philosophical principles. Sometimes these principles are openly acknowledged, sometimes not, but either way the end point of a given theology is largely determined by where you start. This … Continue reading

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Satisfaction’s Guarantee

Classical Anglicanism is all about the atonement. The liturgies of the prayer book are saturated with the blood of the cross. This is a scandal to the world and an embarrassment to many modern Christians. As Fr. Gavin Dunbar has … Continue reading

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Fight For Your Right to Parties

One of the developing facets of Anglicanism since the nineteenth century has been the introduction of church parties. Anglo-Catholicism, Evangelicalism and Liberalism all owe their existence as distinct positions on the Anglican landscape to late eighteenth and nineteenth century movements … Continue reading

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Welcome, Benjamin Guyer

It is a joy for me to read the questions that come in on an almost daily basis, but as the mailbag has gotten more full, the responses have slowed way down. So I have been recruiting some new folks … Continue reading

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Unplugging for Lent

During Lent this year, my use of the computer will be limited to Sundays. I wrote a brief blog post about why on my parish’s website. I won’t reiterate any of that here, except to say that there are some … Continue reading

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Real Church Growth

I have had the honor of participating in some truly wonderful conversations lately with smart thinkers from across the Episcopal Church, orthodox men and women who see a future for Anglicanism to be hopeful for, in this country and abroad. … Continue reading

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Sola or Solo Scriptura? (And Other Questions That Don’t Make Grammatical Sense)

Following my recent thoughts on Lutheranism and the inherent problems of sola Scriptura, the events that have swept us all up here in America have overshadowed my desire to delve back into this too terribly deeply. There just is not … Continue reading

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