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There is No Such Thing as Protestantism

Death is still segregated in American society. You may be surrounded by diversity in your school or your workplace, but when you die, you stick with your own. There are black and white funeral homes, Jewish funeral homes, Irish and … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: Baptismal Regeneration

Kevin writes: As I understand you, we receive saving faith at our baptism when we are regenerated by God’s grace. This all fits together nicely in the case of infant baptism, but could you clarify what Anglicanism teaches about adult … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: An Evangelical, a Baptist, and a Charismatic Walk Into a Bar…

Two semi related questions from Jesse. Here’s the first: What do you mean when you say that evangelicals and charismatics have brought Baptist ideas into Anglicanism? ┬áIn terms of the general tone of the movements at times I can see … Continue reading

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Satisfaction’s Guarantee

Classical Anglicanism is all about the atonement. The liturgies of the prayer book are saturated with the blood of the cross. This is a scandal to the world and an embarrassment to many modern Christians. As Fr. Gavin Dunbar has … Continue reading

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Faith Alone and the Sacraments

Very glad to finally have a new video up. This one answers a question from a Baptist about how Anglicans can believe that we are saved by faith alone if we believe that we receive God’s saving grace through the … Continue reading

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The Right and Wrong Way to Be a Pastor

Justification and how we are saved is still very much a live wire in Christian dialogue today, as I think we have proved on this blog several times over. Nevertheless, while there are very real differences between how Roman Catholics … Continue reading

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Death Is Not Natural

Among the clumsy things that we say to try to comfort one another when somebody dies, there are a number of phrases that insinuate, either explicitly or implicitly, that death is a good thing, even a godly thing. ‘It was … Continue reading

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Praying Twice: The Church’s One Foundation

As Fr. Stephen Freeman has so eloquently put it, “For human beings, the Church is what salvation looks like.” This is a frightening thought for some and a downright scandalous notion for others. There is a virulent strain of American … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: Baptists, Women, and Church Shopping

There’s a lot in this question. I’ll answer as much as I can, but this will have to be a two-parter. Nick writes: I was raised in a conservative, evangelical church in the IFCA denomination. There I was instructed in … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: Baptism and the Good Thief

Scott writes: I know you’ve talked about baptism in your videos and blog and also justification by faith alone. However, I am confused on the Anglican position of baptism being required for salvation. I can understand on one side that … Continue reading

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