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If I Were the Next Presiding Bishop

Several of you have asked what I would do if I got elected the next Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in 2015. Since I was not shy about what I would do if I became Archbishop of Canterbury, I … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Philip Turner

The Rev. Dr. Philip Turner is a well known theologian and ethicist whose books include “Sex, Money, and Power” and “The Crisis in Moral Teaching in the Episcopal Church.” He is the former dean of Berkeley Divinity School at Yale … Continue reading

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The Measure of Successful Ministry

Modern American life is built upon the twin pillars of productivity and consumption. We are all consumers and producers. In our role as consumers, we make decisions all day long about what we want to consume, and how much, and in what … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: What’s in a Name?

That’s what Juliet asked in Shakespeare’s famous love story gone wrong. And in our own love story gone wrong, the modern Church, it is a question that gets asked fairly often as well. Thus, Matty writes: With all the different … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: An Evangelical, a Baptist, and a Charismatic Walk Into a Bar…

Two semi related questions from Jesse. Here’s the first: What do you mean when you say that evangelicals and charismatics have brought Baptist ideas into Anglicanism?  In terms of the general tone of the movements at times I can see … Continue reading

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Biblical Catholicism: Rethinking the Anglo-Catholic Movement

When I was in seminary, one of my professors, a staunch British Calvinist, made the off-hand remark one day that Anglo-Catholicism could not be defended from an historical perspective. The point seemed so obvious to him that he did not … Continue reading

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The Living Church Lives!

In this episode, Fr. Jonathan talks with Dr. Christopher Wells, the Editor of The Living Church, about how the magazine continues to tackle big ideas and speak to both the Church and the culture.

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Ask an Anglican: Why Enter (or Remain in) the Episcopal Church (USA)?

William writes: Might you have some encouraging words for someone who is recently converted to Anglicanism / Episcopalianism—who does not want to join ACNA, AMiA, or, for example, the Reformed Episcopal Church—who wants to enter TEC but is frightened because … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: The Canonization of Saints

Nick has a very specific question about a Russian saint that I’m not sure I can answer, but it opens the door to talk about the saints in general. He writes: A few years ago, a statue of St. Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Real Church Growth

I have had the honor of participating in some truly wonderful conversations lately with smart thinkers from across the Episcopal Church, orthodox men and women who see a future for Anglicanism to be hopeful for, in this country and abroad. … Continue reading

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