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The Sacrifice of Ecumenism

Whether I agree or disagree with him, Fr. Stephen Freeman’s writing is always brilliant. His recent posts under the label “Un-Ecumenism” are no exception (found here, here, and here). Freeman argues that one of the effects of modernity is a … Continue reading

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Finding the One True Authority

I woke to a very interesting article in my feed this morning by an Eastern Orthodox Christian named Mark Meador. It is long, but it is well worth the read, and I applaud Mr. Meador for it. Meador is trying … Continue reading

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There is No Such Thing as Protestantism

Death is still segregated in American society. You may be surrounded by diversity in your school or your workplace, but when you die, you stick with your own. There are black and white funeral homes, Jewish funeral homes, Irish and … Continue reading

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Biblical Catholicism: Battling Newman’s Ghost

Last week, I had the privilege of visiting Nashotah House Seminary for the first time. While there, I was told that there is a coffeehouse on campus that has an old Anglo-Catholic joke worked into its menu. If you want to order … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: Are Anglicans Schismatics?

Richard writes: What would you say to the charge that the Anglican Church was born originally only out of Henry VIII’s desire to secure a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, and his decision to break from Rome was not over … Continue reading

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The Measure of Successful Ministry

Modern American life is built upon the twin pillars of productivity and consumption. We are all consumers and producers. In our role as consumers, we make decisions all day long about what we want to consume, and how much, and in what … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: What’s in a Name?

That’s what Juliet asked in Shakespeare’s famous love story gone wrong. And in our own love story gone wrong, the modern Church, it is a question that gets asked fairly often as well. Thus, Matty writes: With all the different … Continue reading

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Ask an Anglican: Why Enter (or Remain in) the Episcopal Church (USA)?

William writes: Might you have some encouraging words for someone who is recently converted to Anglicanism / Episcopalianism—who does not want to join ACNA, AMiA, or, for example, the Reformed Episcopal Church—who wants to enter TEC but is frightened because … Continue reading

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Praying Twice: Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones

Those of you who have seen some of the most recent YouTube videos know that there is a giant mural on the wall above the altar in my parish depicting the Communion of the Saints. It is nothing like any … Continue reading

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The Three As of Apostolic Succession

What is apostolic succession? Why does it matter who laid hands on your pastor so long as he teaches the true faith? Fr. Jonathan shows why apostolic succession is necessary in the Church and explains why Rome is wrong to … Continue reading

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