Welcome, Benjamin Guyer

It is a joy for me to read the questions that come in on an almost daily basis, but as the mailbag has gotten more full, the responses have slowed way down. So I have been recruiting some new folks to help me out with Ask an Anglican. Benjamin Guyer is the first to graciously accept my invitation and become an official Conciliar Anglican contributer. In the coming months, I hope to have two or three more folks become contributers as well.

If you have not yet encountered Benjamin’s work, you should. He is the editor of two books, including this one on the Caroline Divines. He has also written some fine essays that you can find on the net, including this one refuting the often repeated false claim that Queen Elizabeth I was trying to establish a church where what people believe does not matter. For a fuller look at him, check out his bio on Covenant. He is dedicated to the Reformed and Catholic truth of Anglicanism and is well versed in Anglican history and theology. I look forward to his contributions to the conversation here and I hope you all will welcome him aboard.

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2 Responses to Welcome, Benjamin Guyer

  1. Cadog says:

    And welcome back Fr. Jonathan! I hope your Lent was reflective and your Easter most joyful!

  2. Jay says:

    Hey great! From one KU alum to another welcome, Mr. Guyer!

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