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There is No Such Thing as Protestantism

Death is still segregated in American society. You may be surrounded by diversity in your school or your workplace, but when you die, you stick with your own. There are black and white funeral homes, Jewish funeral homes, Irish and … Continue reading

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Apocrypha is Apocry-fun!

Why do some Bibles only have 66 books while others have over 70? What are these funny “extra” books of the Bible sometimes called “apocrypha” and what does Anglicanism teach about them? Find out the answers to these questions and … Continue reading

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Sola or Solo Scriptura? (And Other Questions That Don’t Make Grammatical Sense)

Following my recent thoughts on Lutheranism and the inherent problems of sola Scriptura, the events that have swept us all up here in America have overshadowed my desire to delve back into this too terribly deeply. There just is not … Continue reading

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